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Serving the Children of the World

Kiwanis Annual Fall Colour Fondo

The 2018 Picton Kiwanis Fall Colour Fondo (formerly Colour Cribbage Ride) will be on Sunday September 23, 2018.

This year we'll start and finish at the Waupoos Winery; 3016 County Road 8. We'll hold the usual 100k, 50k and 25 km rides. The 100K ride will begin promptly at 09:00 AM and the 50K and 25K rides will launch promptly at 10:00 AM.

There will be marshals at critical turns and water stations along the route.

Riders should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before their start times to ensure their registration for their ride. On-site registration begins at 08:00 AM.  Lunch, highlighted by Waupoos Winery wood fired pizza, will be served starting at 12:00 noon and continue until the last rider has been fed.

Every participant will receive a voucher towards their choice of local County produce that will be on display. Displays may include Cressy Mustard , Nyman Farms , Barley Days BreweryWaupoos Estates Winery .



Click here to download Fall Colour Fondo brochure to share with friends.


Fall Colour Fondo Routes

The routes with links to the maps are listed below. The starting position is the Waupoos Winery and the route will be clockwise, except for the 28 km route which will run counter clockwise. Our local avid riders Rob Legge and Dave Seybold will watch for any changes such as unscheduled road work that may cause a change.


The 100 km route can be found at


The 50 km route can be found at,   


A  28 Km can be found at,  This can be shortened to 23.5 Km by cutting across Kaiser cross road which has a good surface. 


Registration starts at 08:00 at the Waupoos Winery which if using a GPS is at 3016 County Road 8, Prince Edward County.

Contact: Wayne VanSoelen, 613 393 5270 or

Fall Colour Fondo Information

Contact: Wayne VanSoelen, 613 393 5270 or

Expect to See these Pavement Markings at Turns


Registration for the Fall Colour Fondo can be with Paypal

Item Price
adult registration C$ 45.00 Add To Cart
under 14 registration C$ 25.00 Add To Cart
voluntary donation C$ 5.00 Add To Cart
adult registration on 25 Sep C$ 50.00 Add To Cart
under 14 registration 25 Sep only C$ 30.00 Add To Cart
Item Price Quantity Sub-Total
There are no items in the cart




by mail
Please make cheques payable to;
Kiwanis Club of Picton
10 Hill Street
Picton Ontario
K0K 2T0

Names:_______________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Address: _____________________________ ______________________________
Phone ________________________________

With Discount @ $45 & $25 Total_______


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fall Colour Fondo?

 A very good question! Courses are laid out and riders follow them, using maps provided, reaching refreshment/checkpoints along the way. Folks ride whichever route suits them and then, when you return to Waupoos Winery at the end, you can pick up your prize if your name was drawn while you were riding.

What are the routes and how long are they?

The routes for the 2018 ride are being updated to accommodate ongoing road construction in Prince Edward County.  Routes will be displayed when available.

The roads in Prince Edward County are fairly quiet, especially in early fall. There are lots of light, rolling hills and a few climbs. There are lovely lake vistas, vineyards, sand dunes and great rolling scenery throughout both routes. The fall colours are  well underway by the end of September.

 What are the roads like? What kind of bike should I ride?

 All the plotted routes travel on paved roads in Prince Edward County. Road bikes are completely suitable as well as hybrids and comfort bikes. Knobby tired mountain bikes and double suspension are not required, but are perfectly acceptable, if you like. Safety approved helmets are required.

 What is the fee?

 Adults: $50; Students and children, $30.

 Prepaid registration entitles you to a discount of $5 per rider.

 What do you mean by "pre-registration"?

 If we receive a paid registration by September 22 , 2018, you will pay a reduced entry fee. If you register on the event day (Sunday September 23th 2018) you'll pay full pop for entry. This is our effort to encourage everyone to PRE-REGISTER (please, PRE-REGISTER)!

 How do I register on event day?

 Registration will be open at Waupoos Winery, beginning at 8 a.m.

 Where is the start?

 The event will start and finish at Waupoos Winery, 3016 County Road 8, Prince Edward County

 What time does it start?

 The first wave of riders (the 100km riders) will leave from Waupoos Winery at 9AM. The riders doing the shorter courses will head out at 10:00AM. On-site registration will be open by 8AM.

 What kind of children's programs do the Kiwanis support?

 Kiwanis International has a mandate to support children's programs. Locally the Picton Kiwanis is involved with buying bed kits for kids in third world countries (a program called Sleeping Children Around the World), they give financial support to local soccer teams, Kids of Steel triathlon, graduation awards, scholarships, local hospital foundation, Terrific Kids program in schools.

 What if I don't have a bicycle?

 Bicycles are available to rent (at a discounted rate) from the Bloomfield Bicycle Company for the event. Contact them directly ( 613-393-1060    or  to make reservations. Bikes can be picked up in advance or delivered to riders at Waupoos Winery at 8:30AM on event day.

 What if I get tired and want to short-cut the course?

 This is a fun event, not a race with rules and sanctioned points or anything like that. You will have a good quality road map. If you decide that you want to take a short cut to get back to the finish please feel free to do so .

What if I get hurt or I get too tired to finish?

 There will be communication abilities at each refreshment stop – as well as food and water. If you need assistance or transportation, folks at the refreshment stops will be able to call for a van to fetch you back to  Waupoos Winery. There are also sweep riders at the back of each route with first aid supplies for both you and your bike. If you are unable to continue just wait and help will be along. You might consider bringing along a cell phone as well. For a serious emergency call 911 and for routine assistance a Kiwanian at Waupoos Winery will be available at 613 967 9307 

What time is lunch served? What time are the prizes awarded?

 We start serving lunch at about 12PM (or when the first riders return, whichever comes first!) and have plenty for everyone. All prizes will be drawn while riders are out and riders will know immediately upon return if they have won.

What if my question wasn't answered here?

 Please feel free to email or phone email  Wynand Vansoelen at, phone 613 393 5270  of the Kiwanis Fall Colour Fondo organizing team with any questions, concerns or suggestions that you have. Our first several years have been great fun and we've had great feedback from all participants and we're excited about the possibilities for 2018 AND we're still open to input from all!

 Our goal is to make the Kiwanis Fall Colour Fondo the best cycling event possible.

How do I win a prize?

 All prizes will be drawn while riders are out and riders will know immediately upon return if they have won.